Human Services Directory

Andolan - Organizing South Asian Workers

P.O. Box 720364
Jacson Heights, NY 11372

phone: (718) 426-2774
fax: (718) 426-2991

Services Provided:

Founded in 1998 by low-wage South Asian immigrant workers, Andolan is a non-governmental, membership-based group that organizes and advocates on behalf of immigrant South Asian workers. Andolan is strongly committed to a vision where all workers are respected and able to realize their rights. Andolan’s goal is to support and empower working-class communities that face obstacles including language barriers, discrimination, and immigration status. Most of Andolan’s members are employed as babysitters, housekeepers, and restaurant workers. Andolan has three main program areas: (1) providing support and resources to workers through workshops, individual support, and facilitating the exchange of information among workers; (2) bringing lawsuits against abusive employers; and (3) organizing, educating, and conducting outreach to new workers through campaigns.

Please note that availability of services may be limited to specific locations, populations, or language groups.

 Office Hours:
M-F: 9 AM - 6 PM
Bengali, Hindi, Urdu
Population/Area Serviced:
Adolescents (teenager), Adults, Immigrants, Women and Girls / Queens
Eligibility Requirements:
Principal Officer:
Gulnahar Alam
Executive Director