Empowering New York’s Asian American Community Since 1989

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Economic Empowerment

Growing and Sustaining Asian Small Businesses in NYC

All Asian Americans deserve an equal shot at economic opportunity and AAF is working to help our communities sustain, promote and grow their businesses. Our goal is to ensure that Chinese, Korean, Indian, Bengali and other pan-Asian small business owners continue their legacy of vital contributions to New York City’s economy.

AAF’s Small Business Program acts as a critical bridge between merchants and government agencies; builds relationships with elected officials to secure a favorable environment for Asian small business owners; gathers and shares critical data on various aspects of Asian small businesses; promotes solidarity between ethnic business associations; strengthens the capacity and skills of Asian small business owners to take on leadership roles and advocate for themselves so as to secure a bright future for themselves and future generations.

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NBC News: Number of poor Asian Americans in N.Y.C. area up 15 percent in 10 years, study says

Latest Research

Hidden in Plain Sight: Korean American Poverty in the New York Metro Area
Hidden in Plain Sight: Asian Poverty in the New York Metro Area
Small Business, Big Losses: The Impact of the Covid Crisis on Asian Small Business in New York City
The Impact of COVID-19 on Asian American Employment in NYC
NYC’S Economic Engine: Contributions & Challenges of Asian Small Businesses (2016)
Making America Work: Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the Workforce and Business (2014)


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