Empowering New York’s Asian American Community Since 1989

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Using Data to Tell Our Community’s Story

Since our inception, AAF has produced comprehensive research reports to highlight the needs of Asian American communities, advocate for policy changes to improve access to essential services, and use data to tell the story of our community. Some of our most noteworthy publications have focused on Asian American employment, poverty, the senior population, mental health services for Asian New Yorkers, the contributions and challenges of Asian small businesses, and an analysis of city government funding for Asian communities.

Our groundbreaking research and bold policy visions have allowed us to serve as a leading, unified voice for the Asian American community. Our reports have gained the attention of elected officials, policy makers, and private and public philanthropy. With research showing that the Asian community continues to receive a paltry share of investment, our policy positions persist in pushing city agencies and private philanthropy to reevaluate their understanding of Asian Americans.


Asian Languages in New York City
Asian American seniors, immigrants, those with less education, hit hardest by COVID-19 related job losses and poverty in New York City and State
State of Change: Asian Populations Transform New York


Connecting to Power: The Growing Impact of New York City’s Asian Voters
Restarting New York’s Economic Engine: Tapping the Strength of Asian Businesses
Alone and Afraid: The Outsized Impact of COVID-19 on Asian Seniors (2022)
Hidden in Plain Sight: Korean American Poverty in the New York Metro Area
Hidden in Plain Sight: Asian Poverty in the New York Metro Area
Small Business, Big Losses: The Impact of the Covid Crisis on Asian Small Business in New York City
The Impact of COVID-19 on Asian American Employment in NYC
Hidden in Plain Sight: Asian Poverty in New York City (2018)
Overcoming Challenges to Mental Health Services for Asian New Yorkers (2017)
NYC’S Economic Engine: Contributions & Challenges of Asian Small Businesses (2016)
Asian American Seniors in New York City: An Updated Snapshot (2016)
Analysis of City Government Funding to Social Service Organizations Serving the Asian American Community in New York City (2015)
Making America Work: Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders in the Workforce and Business (2014)
The State of Asian American Children (2014)
Asian Americans Of The Empire State: Growing Diversity And Common Needs (2013)
Asian Americans in New York City: A Decade of Dynamic Change 2000-2010 (2012)
Working But Poor: Asian American Poverty in New York City (2008)
Revitalizing Chinatown Businesses: Challenges and Opportunities (2008)
Rebuilding Lives: The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 (2006)
Economic Characteristics Of Asian Americans in the New York Metropolitan Area (2005)
Lessons Learned: To Sustain Health Coverage After September 11th In NYC Chinatown (2004)
Asian American Elders in NYC: A Study of Health, Social Needs, Quality of Life and Quality of Care (2003)
Asian American Mental Health: A Post September 11th Needs Assessment (2003)
Chinatown One Year After September 11th: An Economic Impact Study Chinatown One Year After September 11th: An Economic Impact Study (2002)
Chinatown After September 11th: An Economic Impact Study (2002)


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