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Asian American Federation Statement on President Trump’s Proposed Budget Cuts

New York City: Earlier this morning, part of President Trump’s budget was released that outlined deep cuts to anti-poverty programs that support the poorest New Yorkers. The President’s proposed budget cuts will impact entitlement programs that enable the poor to access food stamps and affordable healthcare, as well as cut disability assistance and eliminate loan programs that subsidize college education for the poor.

If implemented, the budget could have significant ramifications for the over 70 pan-Asian social service agencies in New York City and the clients they serve. Currently, one in four Asian New Yorkers lives in poverty. Asian seniors, in particular, are not only the fastest-growing segment of the city’s senior population but also among its poorest. Moreover, for many in our community, the tuition subsidy is the only way for students to access higher education. Asian New Yorkers, who are already underserved by government programs, will be deeply impacted by these cuts and the most vulnerable will sink even deeper into poverty.

While we believe in wise fiscal spending, this proposal attempts to balance the budget on the backs of those whose daily survival depends on these programs, and it is not only cruel but also imprudent. By removing essential safety nets that allow low-income immigrants to create a foundation of economic stability, the Trump administration is condemning them to a lifetime of struggle and poverty.

As federal discussions develop further, we will continue to engage our Congressional leaders to ensure that the needs of ALL economically vulnerable New Yorkers remain intact. We will not allow our immigrant families and all those struggling to build a better life for themselves to be overlooked in critical funding decisions that have the potential to elevate or undermine their futures.

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