Empowering New York’s Asian American Community Since 1989

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Our Work

AAF is a leadership organization that works to change the systems that are holding our communities back from achieving success


Since our inception, AAF has produced comprehensive research reports to highlight the needs of Asian American communities, advocate for policy changes to improve access to essential services, and use data to tell the story of our community. Some of our most noteworthy publications have focused on Asian American employment, poverty, the senior population, mental health services for Asian New Yorkers, the contributions and challenges of Asian small businesses, and an analysis of city government funding for Asian communities.

Mental Health

All Asian Americans deserve access to culturally competent mental health care. AAF is committed to increasing the awareness of and reducing stigma around mental health issues in Asian American families. Our goal is to make sure every Asian American in New York city who needs mental health care is able to receive it in a language they speak, from providers who understand Asian cultures.

Immigrant Integration

All Asian American immigrants deserve a chance to achieve their dreams in America. With 70 percent of 1.4 million Asian New Yorkers being foreign born, AAF is committed to providing Asian immigrants with opportunities to learn skills that allow them to thrive and integrate easily into American life.

Economic Development

All Asian Americans deserve an equal shot at economic opportunity and AAF is working to help our communities sustain, promote and grow their businesses. Our goal is to ensure that Chinese, Korean, Indian, Bengali and other pan-Asian small business owners continue their legacy of vital contributions to New York City’s economy.

Nonprofit Support

Nonprofits serving the Asian community deserve every opportunity to achieve their full potential.
AAF is strengthening the capacity of over 70 member agencies and partner organizations to serve the 1.4 million Asian Americans in the City more effectively.

Civic Engagement

All Asian Americans deserve to have a seat at decision-making tables and their voices heard. While Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the City at 16 percent, only less than half of eligible voters turn out to vote.

Census Information Center

In August 2000, the Census Bureau designated the Asian American Federation as one of the 57 CICs in the country. As an official repository of Census Bureau data, the Federation receives a variety of data products, information and services directly from the Census Bureau. Federation staff also receive training in understanding and interpreting all of the Census Bureau’s data products.

Started in 1988, the Census Information Center (CIC) Program is a cooperative venture between the U.S. Census Bureau and national level, community-based organizations and colleges and universities to serve as auxiliary data distribution centers reaching underserved populations.

The mission of the CIC program is to provide efficient access to Census Bureau data products through a wide data dissemination network of organizations. Those organizations effectively process and disseminate Census Bureau data to underserved population groups in easily understandable formats. The CICs provide local and community access, training and technical assistance on census data for research, planning and decision-making for underserved communities.


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