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Mental Health

Culturally Competent Mental Health Care
for Asian Americans in NYC

At the Asian American Federation (AAF), we believe that every individual in our diverse community deserves access to mental health care that respects and understands their cultural background. AAF is committed to increasing awareness and reducing stigma associated with mental health within Asian American families.

Our goal is to ensure that every Asian American in New York city who needs it has access to mental health services in the language they are most comfortable with, provided by professionals who are deeply familiar with Asian cultures.

Since 2017, AAF’s dedicated advocacy and research have significantly improved access to culturally competent mental health services for Asian Americans. Through our persistent efforts to secure increased funding, we’ve brought much-needed attention and resources to address the growing mental health care needs of our community, simultaneously breaking down barriers to care.

In our latest initiative, AAF launched an innovative online Mental Health Directory, a comprehensive resource featuring 400 service providers fluent in over 19 Asian languages. This directory is a testament to AAF’s commitment to helping Asian New Yorkers find culturally relevant mental health support. Whether they are seeking counseling, education, or alternate forms of mental well-being, our directory is designed to connect community members with providers that align with their unique needs.


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Latest Research

Bridging the Gap: Policy Recommendations for Improving Asian American Mental Health Services

Bridging the Gap: Policy Recommendations for Improving Asian American Mental Health Services

Recommendations to policy makers, legislators, funders, and the City of
New York to help them make informed decisions on how to advance equity and
inclusion in mental health policies and practices for Asian New Yorkers.

Seeking Help, Finding Hope

Seeking Help, Finding Hope

Asian Americans are one of the fastest-growing populations in the US and in New York State and City, but they have been largely ignored by the mental health system. They tend to use mental health services less often than other groups, which leads to a lack of research on their mental health needs and challenges.

Overcoming Challenges to Mental Health Services for Asian New Yorkers (2017)

Overcoming Challenges to Mental Health Services for Asian New Yorkers (2017)

The report calls for further investment in Asian-led and Asian-serving community-based organizations to lead efforts to expand community education programs and engagement around mental health, training for mental health service providers, and expansion of service capacity.


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