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Census Information Center

Census Information Center

In August 2000, the Census Bureau designated the Asian American Federation as one of the 57 CICs in the country. As an official repository of Census Bureau data, the Federation receives a variety of data products, information and services directly from the Census Bureau. Federation staff also receive training in understanding and interpreting all of the Census Bureau’s data products.

Started in 1988, the Census Information Center (CIC) Program is a cooperative venture between the U.S. Census Bureau and national level, community-based organizations and colleges and universities to serve as auxiliary data distribution centers reaching underserved populations.

The mission of the CIC program is to provide efficient access to Census Bureau data products through a wide data dissemination network of organizations. Those organizations effectively process and disseminate Census Bureau data to underserved population groups in easily understandable formats. The CICs provide local and community access, training and technical assistance on census data for research, planning and decision-making for underserved communities.

What does the Federation CIC offer?

  • Publication of demographic briefs and reports on Asian Americans at the national, state, city, and neighborhood levels
  • Customized data and mapping services upon requests by community organizations, businesses, and government agencies*
  • Orientation and training on Census Bureau data products and their use for community leaders and service providers
*Please note that in certain cases, the CIC may charge a fee for data and mapping services

Census 2020

Despite contributing to U.S. society for more than 170 years, Asian Americans remain undercounted and underrepresented in the national conversation. The Asian American Federation seeks to increase the community’s participation in the political and civic life of the nation. To that end, the most important step is to ensure that Asian Americans are counted. Where do they live? How many of us are here? What languages do we speak? Our goal is to ensure the Asian American experience in all its complexity is made visible to demographers–and our most effective weapon is data.

As the only officially designated Census Information Center by the U.S. Census Bureau focused on the Asian community in the Northeast and the leading expert on New York’s Asian American census data and issues, AAF is well placed to tell our community’s story through the numbers.

We were a national and local community partner of the U.S. Census Bureau for the 2020 Census, as well as for the Censuses in 2010 and 2000.

We have been able to use our cultural expertise to break down barriers to participation in the Asian American community. Effective in-language communication and training, a deep reach into the community, and strong partnerships helped us to achieve above average participation in the 2020 Census from New York’s Asian American community. Even in a year when Covod-19 made in-person canvassing almost impossible, AAF delivered Asian self-response rates on Census 2020 that were higher than the city-wide average.

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