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There have been over 2,627 anti-Asian hate incidents in New York City. Many of them have targeted our grandmothers and grandfathers.

Help us keep Asian New Yorkers safe. Volunteer to join AAFs Community Safety Program.

AAf has been leading the response to anti-Asian violence since January 2020. Our partner Nonviolent Peaceforce works alongside communities around the world to build safety grounded unarmed civilian protection. Our program teaches thousands of New Yorkers these tried and true techniques.

Watch the Film

Learn hands-on techniques like the ones shown here to help protect your neighbors and loved ones – our participants say they’ve learned how to be better upstanders at our trainings.  And after a few virtual sessions, you can sign up to be a Community Companion and volunteer in Asian neighborhoods throughout NYC!

Volunteer with Us

Community Ambassador / Companion WITH LOGOS - Translations

Community Companions will be responsible for:

  • Escorting seniors and other vulnerable community members to and from home, work, appointments, etc.
  • Receiving and responding to phone calls from our safety network organIzations when protective accompaniment is requested
  • De-escalating verbal anti-Asian bias incidents as needed when providing protective accompaniment

This opportunity is unpaid.


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Stand with us to change the systems that are holding our communities back from success