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Empowering New York’s Asian American Community Since 1989

Membership Services And Benefits

Member agencies of the Asian American Federation have access to numerous services, including:


The Federation helps strengthen members by providing managerial assistance and support to help them increase effectiveness, build in-house knowledge and maximize use of resources. The Federation seeks to enhance organizational as well as community infrastructure.

  • Free or discounted technical assistance, in such areas as fund raising, financial management, leadership development and program planning
  • Targeted support for new organizations, including fiscal sponsorship and training
  • Free or discounted admission to workshops and other professional development opportunities
  • Assistance with recruitment, placement and development of volunteers and board members



The Federation helps members make valuable connections in the community, nonprofit, government and business sectors, as well as promotes an engaged member community.

  • Introductions to potential donors, representatives of philanthropic institutions, key decision-makers and community leaders
  • Invitations to sponsor and/or participate in conferences, roundtables and events
  • Membership in an expanded and supportive network of peers, professionals and organizations



Based on member input, the Federation convenes and facilitates collaborations and partnerships and fosters an infrastructure to support such efforts.

  • Opportunities to explore grant-seeking partnerships (e.g. fund-raising consortia)
  • Initiatives to improve program services and maximize limited resources (e.g. joint program planning and service coordination)
  • Opportunities to organize and/or participate in partnerships in programming or service delivery
  • Invitations to join issue-based working groups



The Federation expands members’ financial, informational and operational resources via various strategies, such as seeking new opportunities, facilitating access and making relevant recommendations.

  • Eligibility for competitive grants from the Federation’s Asian American Community Fund ($5,000 to $20,000) *
  • Opportunities to receive donor-directed contributions through public-sector federated giving campaigns *
  • Access to equipment donations
  • Use of Federation resources, including meeting space and technology equipment
  • Posting of employment opportunities and agency events on the Federation website
  • Alerts on and exposure to funding and other capacity-building opportunities
  • Priority access to services of the Federation’s Census Information Center, including data and mapping services



With members and other partners, the Federation identifies key community issues and advocates for responsive policies, as well as works to increase members’ political capital.

  • Information about relevant policy trends in the nonprofit, public and philanthropic sectors
  • Invitations to work in coalitions to address specific issues of common concern
  • Opportunities to organize and provide collective support on critical matters
  • Chances to participate in collective funding advocacy
  • Opportunities to define the policy agenda for the Asian American community


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