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Assembly District 49

A Case Study of Assembly District 49


Asian American Federation

In this year’s midterm election, Democratic Assembly Member Peter Abbate lost his seat of 36 years to Republican Lester Chang in Assembly District 49 in Southern Brooklyn. District 49 has a significant Asian population, making up the majority of Assembly District 49’s population at 59% (80,454) and 49% (29,704) of the district’s voting age population as of 2020.

AAF’s case study of Assembly District 49:

  • Gives a demographic breakdown of the district and its voting population
  • Discusses voter turnout for the city as a whole and the district’s Asian population
  • Explores possible outcomes for this past midterm election based on Asian voter turnout in Assembly District 49
  • With Asian Americans becoming the fastest growing population in New York City in the last ten years, this study makes recommendations for how candidates can better engage with Asian voters

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BY Linying He